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Elevate Your Events with Indoor Cold Spark Rentals in NYC
Ovation Djs your premier destination for creating unforgettable moments at events in New York City. Our Indoor Cold Spark Rentals bring a touch of magic and excitement to any occasion, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience your guests will rave about.
Our indoor cold spark machines produce mesmerizing, non-flammable cold sparks that shoot up to 15 feet high, creating a stunning visual spectacle that adds excitement and energy to your event.
Indoor cold spark machines use advanced technology that produces cold sparks without the need for traditional pyrotechnics, making them safe for indoor use and environmentally friendly.
Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, birthday party, or any special occasion, our indoor cold spark rentals can be customized to fit your venue and theme, adding that extra wow factor to your celebration.


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What are Indoor Cold Sparks?

     Indoor cold sparks, also known as cold spark fountains or cold spark machines, are special effects devices that produce a visually stunning display of sparks without generating heat or flames. These sparks are created using a combination of titanium granules and an electrical charge, resulting in a spectacular effect that resembles traditional pyrotechnics but is much safer for indoor use.
The main features and characteristics of indoor cold sparks include:
    "Non-Flammable" Unlike traditional pyrotechnics that use combustible materials, indoor cold sparks are non-flammable, making them safe for use indoors without posing a fire hazard.
      Despite the name "cold sparks," the sparks produced by these machines are not actually cold to the touch. Instead, they are called cold sparks because they do not generate heat like traditional pyrotechnic effects.
      Indoor cold spark machines can typically shoot sparks up to 15 feet high or more, depending on the specific model. The duration of the spark effect can also be controlled, allowing for short bursts or sustained displays.


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How do they work?

   On the day of your event, our skilled technicians arrive early to set up the cold spark machines in the designated area, ensuring everything is in place for a spectacular display.   During your event, our technicians operate the cold spark machines at the designated moments, creating bursts of cold sparks that mesmerize and delight your guests.
Transform your event into a dazzling affair with Indoor Cold Spark Rentals from Ovation. Contact us today to discuss your event needs, schedule a consultation, and bring the magic of cold sparks to your next celebration in NYC. Let us help you create memories that sparkle and shine.

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